ver the course of the last 27 years, I have had the privilege, and pleasure, of viewing some of the most exquisite examples of fine period antique jewelry. During that time, I have acquired extensive knowledge of the Art Nouveau movement through the handling of some of the finest pieces of the genre. I have always been enamored with this period, which I believe to be the pinnacle of imagination and creativity, coupled with impeccable technical skills.

Several years ago, I began to study the techniques of the "old masters", in particular, Rene Lalique. I soon discovered that very little was actually recorded, hence I started to experiment with different metalsmithing and enameling techniques, using a variety of enamels from around the world. In my thirst for learning the secrets used by the artisans of the time, I began taking enameling workshops, including two with Russian enamellist, Valeri Timofeev, in the techniques of 2 and 3 dimensional plique-a-jour. Although books have supplied me with some useful information, most of my knowledge and skills have been acquired through the painstaking method of trial and error. The more I try to expand my abilities, the more appreciative I become of the technical skill of the master jewelers of the early 1900's.

oday, it is my profound passion, and privilege, to attempt to recreate the vision of the Art Nouveau period by fabricating original pieces using the same techniques once used by the "old masters". I have assembled a collection of work from some of my earliest pieces to my most recent. It is my wish that you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them. If you have any questions concerning my pieces, or wish to request a quote, please feel free to e-mail me at

Copyright 2001 Richard McMullen